Halloween Dress Up Competition Results

From date commencing 29th October through to the 3rd of November we ran a Halloween dress up competition. The rules were simple, come to session dressed up in your favourite/best Halloween outfits. Gymnasts had to be able to train safely in their outfits and wore a leotard underneath.

Prizes would go to the best dressed gymnast in their halloween outfit!

We were spoilt for choice this year and since there were so many fantastic outfits, we decided to crown a winner for each set of classes that entered.

Without further ado… please see our winners!

Pre-School Winner
Reception Winner
Year 1 and 2 Winner
Year 3 and 4 Winner
KS3 Winner
Pre-Development Winner
Competitive Development 2 Winner
Competitive Development 1 Winner
Full Competitive Squad Winner

Amazing job to everyone that entered and a massive well done to our winners this year!