Our Leotards

We appreciate here at Vivace Gymnastics Club that gymnasts love to show individuality, so we allow for dress down times Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, where gymnasts get the opportunity to showcase all of their lovely leotards. However, all gymnasts are expected to wear our club training  leotard at least once a week, ideally on a Saturday.

 Training Leotard for ALL Pre-School girls

(Saturdays 9-10am and Saturdays 10-11am)

Scorpion Leotard – Turq

From £19.95

Milano SCORPION BODICE LEOTARD – TURQ | Milano Pro Sport (milano-pro-sport.com)

Mandatory for all Pre-School girls





Training Leotard for Competitive Squad Members – Girls

(All Womens Artistic Competitive Development Squads, Women’s Artistic Full Competitive Squad and Floor and Vault)

Zarina Leotard – Navy

From £23.95

Milano ZARINA BODICE LEOTARD – NAVY | Milano Pro Sport (milano-pro-sport.com)

Mandatory for all Competitive Girls




Training Leotard for Non-Competitive Girls

(Monday 4:00-8:00, Tuesday 4:30-8:30, Wednesday 4:30-8:30pm, Saturdays 9:00-15:30)

Scorpion Leotard – Navy

From £19.95

Milano SCORPION BODICE LEOTARD – NAVY | Milano Pro Sport (milano-pro-sport.com)

Mandatory for all Non-Competitive Girls


Competitive and Non-Competitive Leotard for Boys

Space Leotard – Navy

From £18.00


Mandatory for all male gymnasts.





Competition Leotard for Competitive Girls


Icicle Leotard – Navy

From £48.35

Order from Vivienne. Orders usually go out every 6 months.

Mandatory for any gymnast that will be competing in competitions.

Pre Loved Leotards and Accessories

Dear Parents,

My name is Ruth, and my daughter Rachel is part of Vivace’s Leadership Academy and is in the Tumbling and Floor & Vault Squads. As I am sure you are all aware our children grow quickly and leotards soon become too small. I am therefore going to be running a re-useable shop selling training leotards for both competitive and non-competitive squads, competition leotards and also a selection of Non-Competitive leotards. I also will have a selection of the shorts the girls like to wear over their leotards.

I need donations so if anyone has any leotards that no longer fit please can you bring them along to any training session and hand over to one of the coaches.  I will also have a donation box at each of the forthcoming watching week sessions. I will be accepting any leotards & shorts, any size. If i could just ask that they are clean and also in a condition that you would be prepared to buy. If you could place donations in a bag with your name on it / with some way for me to identify who has donated then in return I will give you a £5 virtual credit to spend against any item you buy in the future from the shop.

On a regular basis i will share via the clubs various communication channels (email, website, instagram) what our stocks currently are and you are welcome to contact me at any time on 07879 818554 or by email at ruthburford@hotmail.com. Leotards can be available at any Sat session for the gymnasts to try on.

All funds raised will be used by the club to help fund new equipment.

Kind regards

Ruth Hunt


You will only be able to purchase leotards based on your current class. Non-Competitive gymnasts are only allowed to purchase the Non-Competitive Leotards and Competitive Gymnasts are only allowed

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