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Ella Connolly

Level 1 WA

Ella started off doing a range different sports including Squash, Tennis, Gymnastics and Swimming. Once she had joined gymnastics she was asked to join her school squad. From there she participated in local gymnastics competitions like the School Games and London Youth Games which she came 1st in her year group.

She then went on to join gymnastics at a local club where she participated in GfA London regionals and club competitions. After a little while Ella went to a different club to expand her opportunities to compete. She successfully completed a squad trial and went onto to participate in further London GfA competitions, Tumbling Competitions and Partnered Acro competitions as well as being asked to join their Junior Display team.

Ella took temporary leave from sports for medical reasons and was pleased to start back with the sport shortly after. She was selected for their Senior Display Team where she participated in many competitions and performances around the country and the world. She took part in GymFusion, Middlesborough festival of Gymnastics, London festival of gymnastics, British Ministrada in Liverpool. her team became British Display Champions and their team was asked to be part of Team GB and perform for the world Gymnestrada in Austria 2019.

Ella came to us at around 16 to start coaching with us and she sucessfully completed her Level 1 Womens Artistic Coaching Qualification and is looking to do her Pre-School qualification and her Level 2 qualification next!

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