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Maisie Lawrence

Assistant Coach

As Maisie was growing up, she took part in many sports and always spent time furthering her knowledge and skill set within them.

From a very early age, swimming was Maisie's main sport. She took part in multiple gradings and even took part in her life guard training. She took part in gymnastics in a recreational capacity, taking part in local school competitions and coming 2nd in the event.

Dance has been Maisie's main passion since she was 6. She has trained consistently from 5-8 hours a week taking part in Lyrical, Ballet and Tap classes. She has coached adhoc with her dance school, lending helping hands where needed.

When Maisie came to us, she quickly got herself booked on to a coaching course and has sucessfully passed her Gymnastics Helper Course and we are excited for her to put her new skills into action. Her dream job is Pre-School teacher or paediatric nursing so Newcastle university is on the cards for her!

She is an asset to the club, the kids thrive of her energy in the gym, we cant wait to see your journey.

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