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Paulina Lisiecka

Assistant Coach

Paulina started gymnastics at the age of 6 along with Tennis and Swimming but quit quickly at her young age fell in love with the sport and made the decision to dedicate her time to only gymnastics. She competed within the sport and trampolining until the age of 14 but continued with her club coaching. She undertook her pre-school qualification. She coached until she went off to Loughborough University to study Sports Science. It was there that in her first year she trialled for Loughborough Gymnastics Team where she was given a place. In her second year she also trialled for the Cheer Team and went on to win National Champions.
Paulina then went off to do a year in Vancouver, Canada where she joined the snowboarding club!
Upon her return, she completed her masters in Musculoskeletal health and science but unfortunately couldn't rejoin cheer or gymnastics due to covid.
Once university was finished she has been working in hospitals in the pulmonary habitation teams and wanted to reignite her passion for coaching where she came on board with us. Since being with us she successfully completed her Women's Artistic Club Judge Cycle 15 qualification and has been booked on her Level 1 Women's Artistic Qualification. She plans on taking 6 months out to go travelling and then is looking to return to do her Level 2 Women's Artistic. Paulina is an asset to the club and to the team and the kids love her.

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