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Nitro Gymnastics Tumbling Invitational 2023

On the 21st May, many of our gymnasts entered Nitro / Agility Events Invitational tumbling competition. For a lot of the gymnasts it was their first time competing and everyone did so well. There were a lot of very proud coaches.

Round 1

Individual results

1st - Emily, Mia W, Emmy

2nd - Mia B, Ayla, Nicola

3rd - Amelia J, Nia, Grace

Team Results

1st - Nicola/Maia/Nia/Natalia

1st - Amelia J/Mia B/Violet/Mia W

3rd - Emily B/Camryn/Siyana/Victoria

Round 2

Individual Results

2nd - Iris W, Amelia D

3rd - Stella, Ella, Iris L, Charlotte

Team Results

1st - Ella/Iris W/Macie/Nicole

1st - Iris L/Milly W/Amelia D/Stella

A big thank you to the coaches, judges and Nitro for hosting!



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