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Daria Schminke

Level 1 WA

Daria has done gymnastics from a young age, starting with Pre-School and continued her gymnastics journey throughout various Artistic Clubs in the UK and the US up until she was 14. She competed up to UK Level 4.

After Daria decided she didn't want to compete anymore she continued her training in a more recreational environment and doing various displays in her local community for her club.

After giving up gymnastics, Daria came to Vivace with another coach and decided to stick around and start coaching on a more regular basis to stay connected with the sport. She is now a member of our MyLeadership Academy and her knowledge of the Competitive side of the gymnastics in, not just the UK but the US will be a brilliant asset to Vivace.

Daria has successfully passed her Level 1 Womens Artistic Coach and is now a Floor and Vault Judge.

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