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GfA Floor and Vault Teams Regional 2023

Updated: Jan 9

On the 18th and 19th November, some of our floor and vaulters entered the GfA Floor and Vault Team regional competition held at Europa Gymnastics Centre

We entered 2 teams, one in the Level 5 and one in Level 3. The gymnasts did wonderfully, for some of the gymnasts its the first time they have entered at a regional competition.

Our level 5 team competed on the Saturday.

Team Result : 2nd combined

Floor :

Emily - 12th

Matilda - 3rd

Rachel - 4th

Valerie - 19th

Sophia - 10th

Vault :

Emily - 10th

Matilda - 5th

Rachel - 13th

Valerie - 16th

Sophia - 10th

Our level 3 team competed on the Sunday.

Team result : 1st - Regional Level 3 Intermediate Champions

Floor :

Amy - 13th

Charlotte - 2nd

Jessie - Joint 4th

Freya - 1st

Amelia - 3rd

Vault :

Amy - Joint 2nd

Charlotte - 9th

Jessie - 10th

Freya - Joint 8th

Amelia - Joint 2nd

A big well done to both teams! Keep up the good work



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