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London Regional Tumbling Club Cup Qualifier 1 2023

On 19th March, some of our gymnasts attended the London Tumbling Club Cup Qualifier 1 at Jean Brown Arena, Redbridge in Ilford. With so many competitors and 3 different disciplines running at the same time the girls had an amazing day!

In Flight 2 for Club 3

Natalia - 1st in her Age Category

In Flight 3 for Club 2

Amelia - 2nd in her Age Category

Flight 4 for Club 6

Maddi - 1st in age category

Nina - 1st in age category

Emmy - 2nd in age category

Big well done to Maddi, Nina and Emmy who have qualified for the National English Silver Championships in Telford in June. Amazing work.

Flight 4 for Club 2

Elizabeth - 2nd in age category

Flight 5 for Club 3

Maia - 3rd in age category

Flight 6 for Club 3

Nicola - 1st in age category

Nia - 5th in age category

Flight 7 for Club 4

Rachel - 2nd in age category

Sophia - 3rd in age category

Isla - 3rd in age category

A massive thank you to all the coaches, judges, clubs, volunteers and organisers that make this event a success. With over 400 competitors over the day, this would not be possible without the support of everyone involved. Well done to all gymnasts that competed today, you have done your coaches proud but more importantly you've done yourself proud.



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